This app can be used to populate your AzureAD B2C tenant with objects needed for developing custom Identity Experience Framework policies.

Basic operation:

  1. Enter your B2C domain name
  2. You will be asked to signin. Make sure to sign in with an account with admin rights to the B2C tenant. At this stage, do not use an MSA account to sign in. Use only work/school or local (to the B2C tenant: xyz@tenant.onmicrosoft.com) account.
  3. You will asked to consent to a number of permissions needed to create applications, service principals and security keys in your tenant. You will need to consent for the app to complete the setup.
  4. The application will verify existence of or create the two applications and signing/encryption keys as per above document
  5. The application will display the names, guids and status of the objects once completed.
  6. The application will not create the Facebook IdP provider used by some starter policies. Follow this document if you need it.